Coalition for Water Security

The Coalition for Water Security is currently focused on implementation of the Water Use and Efficiency Act

Current Water Security Issues

We all need clean drinking water...

And we need water in our rivers to support fish and other river life and so we can enjoy the recreational opportunities our rivers provide.

Water Use and Efficiency Act becomes law!

On November 12 and 13, 2009, companion House (H5828aa) and Senate (S732aa) bills on water supply policy became law.  These laws are critical to efforts to reduce waste of our valuable drinking quality water to allow for economic development, protect the ecological integrity of our rivers and streams, and improve the reliability of our water supply systems.  The Coalition for Water Security, major RI water suppliers and the Rhode Island Water Resources Board worked together to draft, propose and support this legislation.  (More details)

Progress on developing new water supplies in the Big River Management Area

Despite Rhode Island’s budget challenges, the Governor’s supplemental budget still contains funds to continue development of wells in the Big River Management Area, thus moving closer to fulfilling the water supply purposes for which that land was obtained.   The stress on flows in the Hunt River from groundwater withdrawals could be relieved by supplies from the Big River wells.  Test wells are now providing information on water quality and available flows. ( Recent Providence Journal and Providence Business News articles.)